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What does DDA offer?

DDA’s network primarily provides L2 and L3 IP-VPN services using a state of the art IP MPLS network running over a combination of DWDM fibre and IP radio, giving all the benefits of efficient bandwidth usage, multiple interface options and the ability for the customer to configure their circuits as required. See below for network coverage.

Network topology: The overall network design consists of a number of IP microwave radios with an IP MPLS overlay and third party inter-capital fibre capacity. This architecture delivers the following benefits:

  • The self-healing properties of IP MPLS give high reliability,
  • The multi-cast properties of IP MPLS give point to multi-point distribution and reduced bandwidth requirements,
  • The ability of IP MPLS to more effectively fill the available distribution bandwidth giving greater efficiencies and cost savings.

The network links all sites with a combination of fibre and microwave radio links. The radio links consist of one or more hops and where necessary have n+1 frequency diversity. There is also extensive use of ring architecture to support a further level of protection.
The network design delivers the additional benefits of access to the SVC (Switched Virtual Circuit) properties of IP MPLS and the network management and service creation properties of IP MPLS giving the customer the ability and flexibility to select itinerant circuits if required and have direct control of their own network.

Network Resilience

DDA’s IP MPLS network is setup in a multiple-ring topology with no single point of failure. A core PE/P router is used for the IP MPLS network at DDA POP sites, all fixed wireless links have dual process boards, data fabrics, traffic cards, and power modules thus no single point of failure. All sites have autonomy of 24 hour battery back up with major sites having generators.

This network enables DDA to offer regional SLA’s of five 9’s availability and restoration times of 6-12 hours for regional and remote NSW respectively. To improve robustness further, 3rd Party Leasing Lines (LL) between important POPs (Metro – Country, Metro – Metro) provide protection paths to DDA’s core wireless network. A failure or outage of 3rd party LL only means loss of one of the multiple redundant paths.

On top of the IP MPLS network, DDA offers Carrier Ethernet service E-LINE, E-LAN and E-TREE to telco carrier and government, also broadcast video services to regional broadcasters.

DDA network has three levels of redundancy:

  • Microwave radio n+1 configuration – The microwave network provides n+1 radio redundancy to ensure that a loss of a particular radio channel will not result in a break in transmission.
  • Multiple ring protection utilising diverse routes, diverse transport medium and third party fibre to ensure further protection for the critical nodes. This ensures traffic can be rerouted around broken nodes.
  • IP MPLS protection switching – The IP MPLS layer offers an extra level of routing to switch around failed radio channels or even failed nodes.

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DDA’s network

  • Representation of most of our major NSW links
  • Network extends into Queensland and Victoria
  • For local last mile and beyond connectivity please contact DDA

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What does DDA offer?

DDA offers services based on MEF standards. Our key services are based on E-line and VPLS or E-LAN Layer 2 VPNs. DDA supports other service types such as E-Tree and Layer 3 VPN’s. There are multiple configuration examples and architectures involving one or more of the service types, for example E-LAN can be used for dynamic path protection which is further enhanced using LAG at customer and core site handoffs.

The two technologies used to offer Media DVB-ASI are E-tree and DVB-ASI.

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