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Proactive monitoring means we know first.

In DDA support is not reactive, it is proactive. DDA will know first when a service has issues or there is an emergency that requires immediate rectification.

DDA’s operating model

DDA offers a fully managed service from the customer site’s demarcation point through to the handoff of the service at either a core customer site or a nominated data center.

DDA has a 24x7x365 Network Operations support infrastructure to support our client’s mission critical services. DDA has the following capabilities:

  • Faults – 24×7 handled by our bespoke operations centre at Mediahub in Campbelltown.
  • Configuration: DDA maintains an accurate configuration management system since many network issues arise as a direct result of changes made to configuration files, updated software versions, or changes to system hardware. DDA maintains a proper configuration management strategy that involves tracking all changes made to network hardware and software
  • Performance management: DDA is focused on ensuring that network performance remains at world class levels. Our network performance methodology addresses the throughput, network response times, packet loss rates, link utilization, percentage utilization, error rates and so forth.
  • Security management: DDA ensures our network environment is secure, but also that gathered security-related information is analysed regularly.

Your business is safe in our hands – DDA proactive management protects your business and enables your business to grow.

Digital Distribution Australia

Trusted Regional telecommunications provider

DDA’s network operations centre monitors the performance of the entire telecommunications network and the services across the network. The centre runs 24x7x365 network monitoring. Our customers applications are trusted to us and to support this, DDA has proactive real time service performance and fault alarming. We know before you do!

  • DDA can reference existing sets of managed services (over a hundred separate services) provided to a customer, over a two year period average monthly availability exceeded 99.985%
  • DDA’s field operations and maintenance services provides 24x7x365 fault response & recovery for all DDA sites today
  • Our people – our team’s knowledge and expertise is the foundation for our local, reliable and trustworthy service
  • Proactive monitoring of services – we call you!


We are leaders in innovation with a MEF2.0 compliant network, standards based MPLS based layer 2 VPNs. Utilising standards based last mile technology with private LTE. Innovative road mapped solutions leveraging best in breed SD-WANs and IOT for vertical industries.

About DDA’s Network


We provide standard compliant network services


Services use private layer 2 and layer 3 VPNS


Multiple geographically diverse network paths