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A real alternative network

Leveraging our carrier grade infrastructure DDA offers regional businesses
secure and affordable alternatives for point to point services.

What does DDA offer?

By leveraging our carrier grade assets DDA is able to supply high quality business grade ethernet services into regional Australia. What ever your application, our network can handle all traffic types with service levels to ensure your peace of mind. With a variety of last mile technologies at our disposal DDA offer a real alternative to other large carriers operating in regional Australia.

Our Internet Protocol Virtual Private Network (IP-VPN) provides a full mesh topology with our intelligent network being able to support converged services on our MPLS core. Our solution provides multiple advantages such as: security, reduced capital and operating expenses, flexibility to name a few.

If your organisation could benefit from this unflinching commitment to quality then please contact DDA!

Performance and simplicity Layer 2 VPN

If your business requires point to point, virtual LAN or point to multipoint with L2 ethernet speeds as low as 2Mb to over 1Gb in regional Australia then DDA can help.

Fully meshed solutions Layer 3 VPN

If your business is looking to extend your MPLS footprint using H-MPLS or just to reduce CAPEX by outsourcing your routing then DDA can help with our state of the art network.


The choice between L2 VPNs in a point to point or E-LAN configuration versus a L3 VPN is dependant on the customers network architecture and your strategy. Contact DDA for a discussion on the best solution for you and your customers. Our VPN offering lets you connect different sites with different needs, in the fastest, most efficient way. It is the platform to deliver the services your organisation needs to operate everyday and the platform to make your organisation successful. Our solution provides:

  • Simplified communications – it is designed from the ground up so your applications work efficiently over a single network. So gone are the days of having different networks for different applications
  • Reducing your total cost of ownership – the great advantage of IP Connect UK is that all the complexities of designing, maintaining and managing the network are the responsibility of us at DDA.
  • Improved scalability – leverage DDA to provide regional connectivity that improves your capability and scalability


  • Access – With a range of access technologies, speeds from 2Mb to 1Gbps and resilience options, we have the ideal connection to meet your regional site’s requirements and budget
  • Flexible service speeds – the bandwidths can be changed quickly without a change in access. This can be done in large or small increments so you can match bandwidth and costs to your business needs
  • Class of Service – to ensure your applications receive the right performance levels from the network, we offer multiple classes of service

With all our solutions DDA offer a full turn key solution utilising our Project Management Office.


A seamless delivery of bandwidth to regional Australia

DDA can provide full turn key solutions in rural and regional Australia.

DDA provides the same promise with the our delivery of our bespoke solutions as we do with the performance of the delivered solution.

Our lead-times for deployment are always competitive and lead-times always depend on specific scope requirements.

Assurances Backhaul and last mile solution design Co-location and planning approval management Construction approvals Installation
Customer management Service designed to customers needs – availability, LAG etc Management of co-location approvals Structural assessments Installation by trained and certified DDA installers
Project Scheduling RF Link and 4G design and licensing Management of site licenses Certified mount designs All certification to Australian and Industry standard
Project deployment management and reporting Site survey and report and Civil link design Management of planning approvals Site construction packs (WHS, SoW, drawings, etc)


We are leaders in innovation with a MEF2.0 compliant network, standards based MPLS based layer 2 VPNs. Utilising standards based last mile technology with private LTE. Innovative road mapped solutions leveraging best in breed SD-WANs and IOT for vertical industries.

About DDA’s Network


We provide standard compliant network services


Services use private layer 2 and layer 3 VPNS


Multiple geographically diverse network paths